In the dynamic landscape of Bengaluru’s real estate, Kanakapura Road stands out as a promising destination for those seeking luxury living and investment opportunities. The Prestige Group, a renowned name in the real estate sector, has significantly contributed to the transformation of this locality into a sought-after hub for prestigious projects.

Kanakapura Road: The Epitome of Modern Living

A Brief Introduction to Kanakapura Road

Kanakapura Road, located in the southern part of Bengaluru, has witnessed rapid development in recent years. This area’s strategic location, excellent connectivity, and scenic beauty have made it a prime choice for real estate development.

Connectivity at Its Best

One of the major highlights of Kanakapura Road is its connectivity. It provides easy access to NICE Road, Electronic City, and Bannerghatta Road, making commuting hassle-free for residents. The upcoming Namma Metro extension will further enhance accessibility.

Green Serenity Amidst Urban Chaos

Kanakapura Road boasts of lush greenery and picturesque landscapes. It is in close proximity to the Banashankari Temple and Art of Living International Center, offering a serene and spiritual atmosphere.

Educational and Healthcare Hub

The locality is home to reputed educational institutions like the Kumaran’s School and Jnana Sweekar Public School. In addition, renowned hospitals like Fortis and Apollo ensure world-class healthcare facilities.

Prestige Group: Redefining Luxury

The Prestige Group Legacy

Prestige Group, with over three decades of experience, has carved a niche for itself in the real estate industry. Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, Prestige Group has delivered numerous landmark projects across South India.

Prestige Falcon City

Prestige Falcon City, an architectural marvel on Kanakapura Road, offers a blend of luxury and comfort. It comprises spacious apartments, recreational amenities, and lush green spaces. This project epitomizes modern living.

Prestige Lake Ridge

Prestige Lake Ridge, another gem by Prestige Group, is designed for those who appreciate tranquility and sophistication. With its beautifully crafted homes and serene lakeside views, it’s a retreat within the city.

Prestige Park Square

Prestige Park Square redefines elegance with its contemporary design and world-class amenities. Located on Kanakapura Road, it offers 2 and 3 BHK apartments for the discerning urban dweller.

Investing in Prestige Projects: Why Choose Kanakapura Road?

High Returns on Investment

Kanakapura Road is experiencing rapid appreciation in property values. Investing in Prestige projects here can yield substantial returns in the long run.

Robust Rental Market

With the influx of professionals and students, the demand for rental properties is high. Owning a Prestige property can provide a consistent rental income.

Amenities Galore

Prestige projects are known for their world-class amenities, from swimming pools to fitness centers, ensuring a luxurious lifestyle for residents.

Future-Proof Investment

Kanakapura Road’s development potential and upcoming infrastructure projects make it a future-proof investment destination.


Kanakapura Road has evolved from a tranquil locality to a bustling real estate hotspot, thanks to the transformative projects by the Prestige Group. The allure of this area, combined with Prestige’s commitment to excellence, makes investing in these projects a wise choice. Luxury, convenience, and a promising future await those who choose Prestige on Kanakapura Road.

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